Let's Create a Win-win

Triangular Rice Dumpling Backpack
The bottom pocket with originally-designed zipper can store your daily necessities like the water bottle, umbrella and so on. Zongzi is a traditional Chinese food associated with the Dragon Boat Festival. It not only commemorates the patriotic poet Qu Yuan and ancient ancestors but also symbolizes good wishes for health and safety.
This bag is designed with the shape of a Zongzi, imbuing it with a beautiful appearance and soul that reflects the symbolism of the Zongzi.
A Waist Bag That Fits All of You
For people who are either overweight or underweight, choosing a bag can be difficult as it may either be too tight or too loose. To address this pain point, WATERFLY has developed a waist bag that comes with an extendable strap. Those with a larger waistline can use the strap with double-ended fasteners for a comfortable fit, while those with a smaller waistline can wear it without the strap for added comfort.
Perfect Sling Bag : Simple Yet Not Ordinary
Designed with a separate pocket for mobile phone, and can be worn on either the front or back.
Ergonomic design, shoulder strap fits snugly on the shoulder for comfortable wear.
Back shoulder straps can be switched from left and right.