Building a Collaborative and Co-governed WTATERFLY WEB3 Community


With the rise of Web3 technology and global enthusiasm for NFTs, WATERFLY, as the first small sports bag brand in the metaverse, has decided to launch a Web3 version to create a collaborative and mutually beneficial Web3 community with designers. By driving the design of sports bag products and NFTs, we aim to provide designers with a unique platform for product creation. Through the integration of NFTs, NFC, and blockchain technology with sports bags, we will offer designers and WATERFLY community members a unique buying and design experience, while achieving mutual profitability.


Through the Web3 platform and blockchain technology, we center our focus on WATERFLY community members. We aim to provide high-quality sports products for our community while empowering designers with the right to create and share. Simultaneously, we will establish an open, fair, and decentralized sustainable community ecosystem to incentivize creators to grow together, share their work, unleash their talent and creativity, and collectively reap the benefits. In the future, apart from products and NFT creation, there will also be WATERFLY's metaverse world. Through activities like Play, Move, Create, Wear, Participate, users will gain more exciting experiences. For example, in the metaverse, you can engage in gaming activities, accumulate gamified assets (collectibles), or share your own creations and gather fans.


Here, designers submit their own works and associate them with their private wallets through blockchain technology, ensuring that designers enjoy fair and transparent rights and rewards. The selected creations are eventually sold through NFTs linked to physical sports products, ensuring that every owner and work is unique, and transactions are open, transparent, and immutable. We provide payment solutions, allowing WATERFLY community members to purchase and collect their favorite bags and NFTs using cryptocurrencies, as well as sell and transfer products and NFTs. In the future, WATERFLY community members will also be able to vote for their favorite designer works or complete customized works through interactions with designers. Designers earn income through designing bags and NFTs. We respect and appreciate each other, co-create, reciprocate, and together achieve creative and financial freedom, while enjoying life.


WATERFLY community members participate in Bounty tasks by designing products and NFTs, ultimately winning Bounties and earning a continuous stream of income. The methods of participation and incentives will be openly and transparently described in the Bounty task descriptions. We will also introduce a Brand Ambassador program. The greater the contributions from our fellow creators, the higher the achievements and income they will receive. There is even a chance to become a lifelong honorary and opinion leader of WATERFLY, inviting influential designers to participate in community development and share in the growth dividends of WATERFLY. Furthermore, we will establish a community fund to support and nurture outstanding designers. We will also participate in some public welfare projects to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the brand's strength.

Community Governance and Sustainable Development

In the future, WATERFLY will achieve open and democratic community governance. Important matters such as the addition of key opinion leader designers, the establishment of community systems, and the upgrade of incentive systems will be decided through community voting mechanisms. We will continue to provide real-time updates and feedback to WATERFLY community members, listen to suggestions and feedback, and continuously optimize our products, community, and community services.


WATERFLY Web3 is committed to creating a win-win Web3 community, where WATERFLY community members collaborate, share, and enjoy the world of sports bag design. We will protect and incentivize the rights of designers through NFT and blockchain technology. With the rise of Web3 technology and the global enthusiasm for NFTs, as the first small-scale sports bag brand in the metaverse, we will continue to drive innovation and sustainable development. We believe that through collective effort and growth, WATERFLY will become a leader and promoter in the global sports bag design industry. Let us welcome the arrival of the WATERFLY 3.0 era together!
NFTs ("Non-Fungible Tokens") are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique good or asset, like digital art. They can be sold in to collectors and the sale of NFTs. WATERFLY NFTs created on Mint are hosted on the Polygon blockchain.

1. Participate in a bounty and eventually get selected.

2. Purchase on OpenSea.

3. Purchase WATERFLY physical products with NFT.

4. Participate in other activities with NFT rewards.


Due to legal restrictions, you will not be able to participate in bounties if you are a Specially Designated National or have an address in the following sanctioned countries and territories:

Please note, this list is subject to additions as it is determined by factors which dynamically change.

Please raise questions in the official Discord server.